Mediabong is a unique platform that is geared toward bringing together contextualized video and advertising to the right placements, across premium websites and delivered to the relevant audience using our propriety technology.

Operating in a global fashion, Mediabong has become a leader in innovation within the video and advertising space through unique solutions, allowing publishers to significantly increase their video inventory and revenues, whilst at the same time provide brands with creative advertising approach to deliver exceptional performance metrics.

In summary... we're not just a normal video-advertiser syndicator !


Share in the benefits of utilizing our award-winning platform and in turn help enrich your website with contextually relevant videos and incremental monetization opportunities.


We have a semantic solution that enables us to contextually match videos to stories on your site (through our content catalogue, or render your own player with your own content)

We can also consolidate your entire video workflow process (and other vendors that  you may work with) so adding and searching for video onto relevant stories is a click of a button (and not a long process!)

Our solutions have enabled publishers to increase video inventory and revenue in some cases by 500%



    Patented solution to tie pre-rolls to videos using a synchronized approach - yielding higher CPMs + better engagement performances


    Capability to allow brands to target their content (branded videos via YouTube or other 3rd party players) to the right context and user profiles

  • Real-time semantic analysis
  • Multiple integrations
    • In-story
    • Native
    • Bottom of the article
    • Seamless integration
  • Publishers video prioritired
  • Premium suppliers
  • Pre-roll with SyncRoll
  • Branded video (CTP)
  • Direct campaign management by your own sales team

*CPV is the new fad with advertisers, and is the approach Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc have adopted…a large part of advertiser budgets are now based on guaranteed viewability and our unique tools ensure higher completion and engagement rates that you can not reach without our technology.

Go beyond simple views and engage users with interactive call to actions and view guarantee


We build qualified brand audiences because we know the key elements to ensure campaign efficiency.


We guarantee full view in length and visibility, and if these criteria are not met, we don't charge brands

We can accommodate any types of video ad format, from in-stream advertising to branded content.

Campaigns’ programing are made according to our powerful and in house data engine crossing all together semantics, profiles and behavior.


Mediabong enables your video campaigns to be displayed within our premium network across more than 1 billion page views a month.

Videos are displayed within editorial environments and programmed according to criteria such as page context and user profile within real time.


Once a user is engaged you have the guarantee that users really watch your video, our solution enables brands to add interactive call to action formats for the user.

These actions are showcased within the video itself and can be based on the advertiser’s specific campaign goals:

  • Ecommerce
  • Leads/Appointment
  • Personalized Information
  • Geo-localization



Brands or media agencies can manage their campaigns directly through our platform interface.


  • Pre Roll
  • CPM

Highly prominent video ad displayed to an engaged audience actively reading page content.

  • Format : up to 30 sec.
  • 100% guaranteed viewable-- only plays video ad while in view.
  • Continue to scroll and the video ad pauses once out of view. Scroll back into view and the video ad automatically resumes.
  • Targeting through context, profile and behavior.
  • Customize auto-play, audio setting and replay options including scrollable teasers.
  • Video ad is always linked to a premium editorial video.
  • Interactive call to actions.
  • Real time report.

Campaigns managed directly through our programmatic platform.

  • Format : from 30 sec.
  • 30 sec guarantee.
  • Targeting through context, profile and behavior.
  • Youtube player embed possible.
  • Interactive call to actions.
  • Real time report.

Campaigns managed directly through our programmatic platform.

About Us

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Paris, Mediabong became the biggest video syndicator in France through its unique approach in syndicating video. Our proprietary semantic technology enables us to serve a video into a contextually related story, and at the same time, allow advertisers in a creative way to deliver their message to a targeted user based on their profile and context of the story they are on.

Our platform provides publishers with a seamless solution to automate the delivery of video into their stories and also allow for them to manage their own videos that they produce using our intuitive back end tools.

Brands utilize our platform to be associated with premium publishers, premium content through unique and creative ad formats outside of just a traditional pre-roll advertising. Working with established brands such as L'Oreal, Unilever and so many others, we've constantly exceeded their expectations on performance metrics.

Having achieved success in France, we have launched operations across the US, UK, Germany and Belgium given demand of our platform in these markets, and as such have achieved similar results and now working with some of the biggest publishers and brands in these territories

Some of our partners

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